AA Accessibility

Built to the ‘AA’ accessibility standards ensuring all content on the site can be understood by visitors. Surpassing the W3C guidelines the site blends accessibility with Wayfindr true brand identity. Incorporating video, and ground breaking collaboration software.

WordPress Framework

Built within a WordPress framework the site comprehensively surpasses Accessibility standards whilst allowing all content to be managed. A completely bespoke theme the site has been optimised for content, interactivity and speed (green light on Google speed test)

Open Standard

Working with Wayfindr the site was developed to promote the ‘open standard’, which means the methodology is publically available and can be adapted and evolved as Wayfindr is adopted. Understanding that the site needed to provide a means for the public to contribute the standard adopts a ‘wiki’ approach allow the public to contribute and add. The end results a truly collaborative approach to evolving a ground breaking standard.

The development of Wayfindr has been a joint project between The Royal London Society For Blind People, UsTwo and Google. Elementary Digital are proud to of been involved and given the opportunity to develop a truly ground breaking website created on WordPress.

Breaking new ground in AA accessibility standards the site blends functionality, content and the visual design to present the new open standard in an engaging format. The Open Standard will evolve over time and the WordPress framework will allow multiple contributors to help develop the methodology.

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