WordPress Platform

A content based organisation, State Of The Left needed a powerful content management system that would allow them to upload their content regularly and ensure it was indexed by search engines. WordPress delivered the perfect solution.

Mobile First

Understanding State of The Left’s audience read their content on the go the website adopted a mobile first approach. Article pages include AMP (accelerated mobile pages technology) meaning they load fast and can be indexed for mobile search.

A Truly Mobile Experience

Carry out research into how audiences consume content heavy websites the design adopted leading images to facilitating ‘clicking’ when shared in social media or content distribution channels and then the written word is presented on a brilliant white background for ease of reading.

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A high volume of traffic website, State of The Left needed a hosting infrastructure that could manage the traffic volume and allowed the site to be interactive and engaging. A WPEngine partner, Elementary Digital host State Of The Left on an enterprise dedicated WordPress server.

Benefiting from a dedicated dev version, content display network, server side cache technology and WordPress optimised infrastructure the website delivers content a lightening speed and provides complete peace of mind with 99.9% uptime.

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