Europe’s leading radiator manufacturer needed a flexible management system to help develop and evolve their innovative digital strategy, WordPress provides Stelrad with an Enterprise level framework that’s taking their brand and products to a wider audience.


Established in 1936, Stelrad has been the market leader in radiator technology and today through adopting a pro-active approach to SEO the brand and products continue to be no. 1 throughout the UK and Europe.

Showcase, Engage and Develop

An innovator and leader, Stelrads website is much more than a presentation of their brand, it’s a means of showcasing product, information and their forward thinking approach to heating technology. Adopting a blend of lifestyle, product and culture the website brings to life everything Stelrad and portrays the prominence of one of the UK’s leading manufacturing businesses.

An image led website with interactive content built on a WordPress framework, the Stelrad online required enterprise level hosting. Working with our WordPress hosting partner, WPEngine the Stelrad website adopts server side cache technology, a content display network and content acceleration technology.

Beyond the speed of the site the Stelrad team are constantly innovating through new functions for their target audience. To support this constant cycle of development the hosting infrastructure holds a dedicated client facing dev version of the site and to protect the site passive security is provided 365 24/7.

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